President's Message - Summer 2017

Date: Fall 2017
Message From:

Eric Evers

Greetings from Sunny and (Still) Smoky B.C.

I truly hope that all of you enjoyed this year’s outstanding summer and were able to squeeze in some well-deserved vacation and relaxation time in order to disconnect from the daily rat race and hamster wheel we often find ourselves in.

The first Continuing Education webinars for the new season have taken place thanks to the efforts of Dave Lebert, CNM to continuously improve and drive the Education program forward.  I truly hope that you appreciate our new online education management system, Moodle.  Starting in September, members will have the capability of self-awarding CE Points for CSNM Webinars.  In the near future, the capability will also be in place to be able to self-award all optional CSNM CE points. Your Board has put tremendous time and effort into the brainstorming, testing, implementation and finalizing of supporting policies for this new platform.

In my last message, I mentioned that we will be modularizing our IT platform and I am happy to report that Phase One has been herewith completed successfully!   I’d love to hear your feedback!

Our Social Media Coordinator, Kat King, NM, has developed an outstanding Social Media Plan. This will allow us to apply methods and tactics to grow our Social Media presence and to increase the overall profile of your society. Stay tuned for updates and be prepared to participate…

Our Volunteer program, led by Shannon Cox, NM, is undergoing a facelift in regards to structure, policies and meaningful incorporation of our Volunteers with corresponding measurable, sustainable and repeatable goals as the main focus. This will also be an asset in regards to succession planning for your National Board of Directors for the years to come.

Your 2018 Conference Chair, Lorrie Plein, CNM, has been working tirelessly to kick things off for your next Conference in stunning Moncton.   Information will be arriving to you your inbox soon.

The preparation of the annual in-person Fall Board Meeting is also going full steam ahead. The main focus during the session with the 2017-2018 Board will be the reinforcement concerning the alignment and implementation of the identified goals and actions from our Strategic Planning session.   Your Board of Directors will meet for two and half days to work on this and other issues important to all members and stakeholders of CSNM.

As you see, lots of things are in the ‘hopper’ and will surely keep your Board of Directors busy, as always.

Thank you again to all who are volunteering their time to make CSNM a better Society for all of us!

Keep well, stay safe and be your best.


Eric Evers, CFE, CNM 
President, CSNM

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