Proctor Guidelines

    1. All examination materials for the exam candidate will be sent to you prior to the examination.  Contact the CSNM office if you have not received the exam package 4 days prior to the exam date.

    2. Ensure that the examination materials are secure and the exam candidate does not have access to the information prior to the scheduled examination date.

    3. Have the exam candidate present formal photo identification and photocopy. (driver’s license, health card, passport, etc)
    4. Verify that the person taking the examination is the person on the identification.

    5. Exam candidates may not use any textbook, notes, computer, cell phones, blackberries, text messaging devices, cameras, electronic translation devices or other devices while taking the examination.

    6. The exam candidate may use a non-programmable, display calculator (non-tape) during the examination.

    7. Exam candidates should ONLY use black ink ballpoint pens to answer all questions.  Please write legibly.

    8. Exam candidates should answer the multiple choice questions directly on the Exam sheets by circling the answer. If changing the original answer place an X through the circle and circle the new selection.

    9. Exam candidates may not use any scratch paper. The examination booklet will be comprehensive and contains lined pages for the essay answers.

    10. The binding and/or pages from the examination booklet should not be removed.

    11. All personal items will be stored in a secure area indicated by the proctor.

    12. The proctor is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced personal items.

    13. The exam candidate will be monitored by the proctor while taking the examination.

    14. Exam candidates must start the examination and conclude the examination as specified on the examination instruction package.

    15. The proctor cannot answer questions related to the examination content. If the exam candidate has questions about the examination, the examinee will complete the Exam Candidate Concern Form – Entrance Examination after he or she leaves the examination centre. The form must be faxed to the Examination Chairperson at 416-441-0591 within twenty fours of completion of the examination conclusion time.

    16. If there are any questions pertaining to the content of the examination on the day of the examination, you can contact the Examination Chairperson by leaving a clear message with a phone number you can be reached at 1-866-355-2766 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. local time. Please note that there will be a 30 minute window before you get a call back.

    17. The exam candidate will not be permitted to take a break during the examination. The leaving of the examination centre will conclude the examination process.

    18. The exam candidate will not remove, transcribe, copy or reproduce the exam or any content from the examination package.  Penalty of such action would result in the exam candidate's immediate failure of the exam.

    19. Any special accommodations that the exam candidate might need have to be documented with the Examination Chairperson and arrange ahead of time with the proctor in writing.

    20. The exam candidate must pay all expenses associated with proctoring the examination.

    21. Announce total hours remaining every hour.

    22. Announce the 45 and 30 minute time frames when less than one hour.

    23. Announce time remaining every 5 minutes when under 30 minutes.

    24. Collect all examination materials when the time is called.

    25. Place all examination materials in the envelope provided and check the audit provided with the examination materials to ensure all are present prior to sealing in the presence of the examination candidate.

    26. Ensure the examination candidate signs the seal for security purposes.
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