President's Message

Date: Summer 2019
Message From: David Lebert, CNM

Experience the Passion!

Around the table...
When I reflect back on some of the greatest moments in my life, I realize most of them happened while being gathered around a table.

I vividly remember, as a kid, being welcomed at my grandmother’s house by the divine smell of freshly baked home apple pie and her famous chocolate chip cookies... It was a special place where we felt welcomed, loved, and having a real sense of purpose.

Even as time goes by, these memories remain as fresh in my mind as the smell of apple pie, and still carry a great meaning. I truly believe that the foundation of family, friendship, and professional collaboration is best nurtured around a table and I like to see our Society as one great big family gathering with 3,500 Members across Canada, helping the lives of those in nutritional need, especially the ones in hospitals and long-term care facilities.

Considering the fact that each CSNM Member can impact the lives of an average of 100 patients or residents, we can easily say that our Society impacts the lives of 350,000 individuals every day in Canada! That's over one million meals every day. One million meals which make people welcomed, loved, and have a real sense of purpose. Yet, each person has different needs - different illnesses, different dietary requirements, and different care plans.

But every person is important and every life matters. Their purpose is vital, even in their times of illness. We owe them dignity and respect and we know that food is more than just nourishment; food is perhaps one of the best-known medicines!

What an opportunity and privilege for us, as members of CSNM and care givers, to create memories every day at their table. Each of us joins together at our table and learn how to help teach and direct our teams to provide quality of care for our patients and residents, making a difference in the lives of these great people.

And what a pleasure and privilege it is for me to serve as your President and to take part in Experiencing this Passion which binds us all together, around the same table, in the service of those in nutritional need!

David Lebert 
President, CSNM

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