President's Message

Date: Fall 2018
Message From: Chris Weber

Can you believe it? Summer has come and gone with blistering speed, and temperature. It feels like Moncton was just yesterday, and it was a busy summer for all.

As the fall season is upon us, let’s take a moment to review at some successes over the last quarter, as well as a look ahead to what the remainder of the season has in store. As we formed our new board for the first time back in Moncton, each member was asked to create some goals and objectives as we endeavor to become, Bigger Better Stronger. We have formed a Marketing Committee to help develop plans to grow membership in non-chapter provinces. Our social media presence continues to grow, with the largest growth in Facebook and Instagram. The new CSNM website is now live as we continue to explore new technologies, and update others.

As we excitedly welcome our 127 new members thus far in 2018, we want to take some time to recognize the impressive tenures of many of you. The Membership team have worked hard putting together our Membership Recognition program. Thank you for your continued dedication to our Society and Profession.

Many of you may have heard 2018/19 is “The Year of IDDSI”, we have some very exciting continuing education this month that you should NOT miss. The team has been hard at work preparing and coordinating ‘IDDSI kits’ and have arranged some new and great webinars for all CSNM members as well as our friends at Dietitians Canada. We have formally committed to supporting the official IDDSI group as we look to provide support and guidance through this exciting change. So, grab your Syringes and IDDSI cards, register for the upcoming webinar, and let’s get wild with IDDSI.

In closing, I would like to thank you once again for this this wonderful journey. The CSNM and its membership have been a guiding light full of education, professional development, networking and friendships over the years and I would encourage you to get involved any opportunity you have.

Please be safe and nutritious over the holiday season and keep your eyes peeled for details about our 2019 Annual Conference & AGM in beautiful Calgary!

Best Regards,

Chris Weber 
President, CSNM

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