Proctor Qualifications

Qualifications of the proposed proctor must accompany the Examination Proctoring Form

Suitable proctors are listed below.

  1. A member of the teaching faculty in a recognized Canadian university or college.
  2. A member of the teaching faculty or an education administrator of any regionally accredited institution of higher education.
  3. A provincial certified elementary or high school teacher or school librarian
  4. Personnel of the Department of National Defence, any commissioned officer of higher rank than the examinee, a base commander, a non-commissioned officer in command of a military post, an education officer, or a base librarian.
  5. The Human Resources Director, Administrator or company Educational Manager, for employed exam candidates.
  6. Librarian at a public library which offers proctoring services.
  7. Clergy
  8. College or University Proctor Testing Centres (Note: any related costs would be covered by the Exam Candidate)

Note: Friends, relatives, co workers and direct supervisors of the exam candidate are not permitted to proctor the examinations.


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