Membership Reinstatement

Less than two years

If your membership lapsed in the last two years, you can reinstate your membership by paying the annual active membership, in addition to ALL back-dues owed and the current reinstatment fee. See the Fee Schedule for annual membership fees and submit payment and current contact information (i.e. address, telephone, fax and email) to:

1370 Don Mills Rd. Suite 300
Toronto, Ontario M3B 3N7

Fax: 416-441-0591


More than two years

NOTE:  Section 2.6 – Reinstatement (a) A former member of the Society who has not terminated his/her/its membership more than once in their membership lifetime and with no previous interruption in membership may be reinstated as a member of the Society at any time within two (2) years from the date of the above-referenced resignation upon payment of the membership fees of the current fiscal year and the said former member shall not be required to reapply for membership in the Society. A reinstatement fee may be required. (b) Any former member who resigned other than in the manner set forth above or was suspended or expelled from the Society must reapply for readmission pursuant to the membership requirements in effect at the time of reapplication for membership and subject to the approvals previously described.

Questions may be directed to the CSNM Membership .

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